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In the pic Dorkasaurus is on the right, Lesbatron is on the left.


My Love Is Better


Sunset and cold air,
Lingering looks and a hidden smile.
Love is around yet mine is in secret.

Side by side our heartbeats in sync,
But our hands cannot touch
and our lips cannot part.

I do not know why I offend you so,
Do you fear what you do not know
Or are you lush with envy?

I can see why you would be envious,
No matter how much you try
you will never know the touch of silk.

Her soft skin under your fingertips,
curves fitting into your grooves,
or her cotton candy lips.

Perhaps you envy her juice on my tongue,
her flesh on my warmth,
And sweat as cool as diamonds.

Do you fear that we warm each other at night,
That our love is truer than yours,
lust fiery?

When you see me on the street
With her by my side
I want you to know

My love is better than yours.


I proposed to Amy at the Color run in Windsor on Saturday! (yesterday lol).  So exciting!  That isn’t the ring tho.  I am still waiting for them to come in.  They will be up asap!

And sorry we haven’t been posting… bad us!  Hoping to get back into it now!